Friday, April 24, 2015

CBC Radio

Well how do you think it makes me feel you idiot!!

Another morning, same old "morning dread." I pushed my "snooze" button but couldn't stay in bed. Had to get up. Tried some meditation. Did a few stretches. Thank god for the kittens because they are always waiting outside my bedroom door and are always glad to see me. Yes, I'm pathetic.

I tried something different this morning - I put CBC radio on while I had breakfast and read the morning paper. It was pleasant - so I stayed at the table and did part of the crossword puzzle. Read some blog posts too. Took me through to lunchtime and then I got busy with chores. I'm going to put CBC radio on every morning that I'm at home. Some mornings I go for a hike and the morning dread isn't quite so bad.

So now I have two things to look forward to when I wake up: the kittens and the radio. Yes, it seems rather pathetic but perhaps it's not so bad.

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  1. I understand. When I go outside it seems to help brighten my spirits and recenter me if that makes sense. It always works quicker if I'm barefoot.

    I not only deal with depression but I'm crazy too. Kidding but the outdoors helps me a lot.