Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Dreary Thursday

When the sun is out it always helps me to feel a bit better. But all we seem to have lately is drizzle, wet snow or thunderstorms! I didn't wake up until 8:45am today which is unheard of for me and it sort of knocked me off course all day. The acupuncturist said I would sleep well after my treatment and I sure did although I did wake myself up once by talking out loud during a dream.  I wish I could remember the dream.

Today was pretty good considering the late start. I met my friend Michelle for coffee at 1pm and ended up offering to volunteer at an event that she is helping out with later in April. That will be good for me as I want to consider various charities etc for volunteer work. I also saw a parent of one of my former students - it was nice to say hello.

After coffee I went to Indigo to purchase a book on Mac computers as there is so much I want to learn, especially if I follow my idea of creating special education curriculum as a sideline.

Another sideline I'm considering to augment my teacher's pension is putting Adsense on my other blog as I have a fair bit of traffic. But I just couldn't get it to work and ended up sending them an email outlining my problems. I hope I can sort it out.

The other day I read somewhere that it's easy to figure out what retirement is NOT: it's NOT working, it's NOT getting up early every morning, it's NOT constant meetings and appointments etc. But what IS it? That's much harder to figure out. But figure it out I must because not having much to do is certainly not as enjoyable or rewarding as you would think!

So I took some action today:

  • possible volunteer opportunity
  • enquiring about a possible income source
  • bought a book to help with yet another income source
  • did spend some time on facebook interacting and posted some TBT (Throw Back Thursday) photos which received a lot of feedback. I also sent 4 photos to a friend's parents of their son who died 30+ years ago - they were really touched!
Did NOT get anything done around the house...tomorrow is another day.

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